Dialogue types

There are 8 Dialogue types you can create (standalone dialogue items and surveys).

For each Dialogue type;

  • Set a Title, and add additional details in the Description
  • Select Send push on publish to send out a push notification with your item. 

Information message

Inform your participants of something.


Title: Good morning!

Description: See you in the lobby at 09:00 AM!

Single choice question

Have your participants respond to a single-choice question. 


Title: Do you think the panel's strategy will work?

Response options: Yes, No, I don't know

Multiple choice question

Have your participants select one or more options.

Single response text feedback

Have your participants submit one text response, only once. Once submitted, there's no option to resubmit. 


Title: Describe our corporate vision in one word

Multiple response text feedback

Have your participant submit multiple text responses. Once submitted, there's an option to submit once again. 


Title: Submit your questions to the stage

Pick correct answer

Quiz your audience and see who answered correctly (available in MS Excel export). 

The participant will not be notified whether they answered correctly or not. 

Rank option items

Have your participants rank (by drag-and-drop) options from top to bottom.


Title: What came first?

Description: Sort the options in the order they first hit the market. Arrange them by dragging them up/down.

Response options: iPhone, Tamagotchi, MiniDisc player, Nintendo Game Boy

Scale statements

Have your participants move a slider (left to right) to select a statement on the scale. 


Title: What is important to you?

Description: Move the sliders to reflect your opinion of each statement.

Response options: Work-Life Balance, Compensation, Short Commute, Getting promoted