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Get started with Dialogue

In the Dialogue section of your event in the MeetApp admin; create stand-alone
dialogue items with any of the dialogue types available or choose to create a survey
(which can also be used for quizzes or similar) to create a series of questions for your
participants to swipe through and answer one-by-one, anonymously or not. Once
answered, select any of the response options available for the item in the MeetApp
admin to show the results in a browser window on the screen or the stage in real-time. You can also export a summary of all responses to MS Excel.

Information message 

Keep your participants up-to-date with the latest event information by sending out
push notifications with your message, e.g "Are you ready? The panel discussion is
about to start!". Schedule your message to be posted now or later. 

Single and multiple-choice questions 

Have your participants respond to a single or multiple-choice question. E.g "What is
your overall verdict of this year's conference?". The responses will be shown as a bar


Remember to select the "send a push" checkbox in order to have a push notification sent to your participants when publishing as well as make use of the "Folder" feature for a better, clean structure and easy reading. 

Pick correct answer 

Create an in-event competition! Select this option, add a fun and appealing title and
some single-choice responses and have your participants guess the correct answer,
e.g "What's our company's main objective for 2025?". Once you've collected all
responses, see and sort by who was correct. If gamification is enabled, participants
will receive points if their answer is correct. The responses will be shown as a bar

Single and multiple-response text feedback 

With either of these options, the participants can submit text-based responses to a
question or prompt, e.g "What's your expectation of this year's kick-off?" or "Please
submit your questions to the presenter here". If single, the participant can submit
one response, if multiple more than one response can be submitted. The responses
will be shown as a listing in chronological order or a word cloud if shown on a large
screen in a browser window. If the latter, make sure to specify in the item description
only one word can be submitted.


This item type lets your participants rank the options available. The responses will be
shown as a bar chart.


With scaling, you can let your participants have their say by dragging a slider
between different response options, e.g "How important is work-life balance to you?
Not so important, I'm indifferent, Important, Very important" or "How likely are you
to recommend this conference to a colleague or friend? "Unlikely, Likely, Very likely".