At this point, you’ve structured the Program, staged Information, planned for Dialogue and Activities, and added the participants to your event app. To bring all of these elements together, the fifth and final step in delivering an informative and captivating app is to gather all of the peripherals.

In short, peripherals are the additional features within MeetApp. Peripherals can be image galleries, in-app notes, news, and social media feeds. Through images, both administrators and participants can tell the story of the event; administrators can even send gallery updates through push notifications to continue engaging the attendees even once the day has concluded. Administrators can also tap into the activity feed to highlight certain attendee posts in the image gallery.

The audience can have the ability to take notes during sessions, which increases information retention and organization. After the event, they can download the notes to their or email or through a note app, such as OneNote or EverNote.

As an admin, you can pull from mainstream social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and absorb inbound social media through hashtag tracking; the hashtag from other media platforms allows administrators to identify what’s trending that’s relevant to the event and deliver it to your attendees. These additional cosmetics (aka “peripherals”) can be embedded within the app to continue driving a fun, story-driven atmosphere for the audience.

The 5 steps in this series of posts are important to keep in mind when using MeetApp for your event. If this process is carried out, your app can enrich the event experience for participants, give administrators a comprehensive overview of the event’s triumphs, and forge an everlasting impression of the event in the attendees’ minds as they carry on in their professional lives well after the event.