You should now be 3 steps into the 5-step process of creating content: your program is structured, your information is staged, and Dialogue and Activities have been established—the next step is to add your participants.

To further encourage engagement amongst event attendees, MeetApp’s Participant section gives attendees the ability to see who is at the event, create favorite lists, connect with other attendees, and send chat messages. Within this function of the app, the names, titles, companies, and contact information of all attendees are listed, promoting a culture of companionship and networking. All of this information is nested under the participant section, giving participants the opportunity to interact with one another and, ultimately, build lasting connections that they will carry with them post-conference.

Import your participants

You can easily import your attendees from any registration system by simply uploading an Excel or CSV file. While there are many other methods like bulk email copying or importing from other events, uploading is the most common and easiest method. For administrators using Eventbrite, we offer Eventbrite integration which allows you to easily connect to your event in Eventbrite and your Participant list will automatically build through Eventbrite. For other registration systems, simply export your attendee list and import it into the Participant section of your admin panel.

Segment your audience
When building the participant section, an administrator should consider how to segment participants. Participants can be grouped in a variety of ways and an administrator should group them in a way that aids in the filtering down process and in sending push notifications.

The Participants feature adds another layer of interaction and connection among attendees, one of the central goals of MeetApp: to allow attendees to hone in on what’s important and to foster conversation, creating a memorable event experience.